Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What the F*CK?

I try to avoid cursing in public forums such as this blog and Twitter. (The writing blog doesn't count. My characters love to curse.)

But A's newest little stunt deserves a very loud: What The FUCK?

The bathroom is sandwiched between the two larger bedrooms. When A goes in to use it he is required to leave one of the doors open, usually mine since my desk is right where I can see him and the toilet.

He goes in, proudly announcing as he always does that, "I have to poop!" Yes, he likes to poop. Another boy thing or kid thing in general that I just Don't Get. 

Anyways... he's in there doing his thing without a problem. We call him Speed Pooper sometimes because we blink and he's done. A part of our new goal to have a more independent child is that we taught him how to wipe himself. Usually there isn't a problem so long as one of us supervises.

Despite supervision, wiping was a HUGE issue today. 

A managed to get poo on his finger. Before I could turn the sink on he turned....

And wiped the shit on the wall!

It took me a few seconds to actually be able to form words. Not even when he was in diapers had this particular child-mess happened. Shit doesn't go on walls, it goes In The Toilet!

Needless to say, A is grounded for the rest of the night. I explained that no matter what, poop does not go on the wall. The wall has been scrubbed, disinfected, cursed at, and cleaned again just for good measure. 

I hate poop...


  1. -falls out of my chair laughing, and Im in a recliner....-

  2. James... need I remind you I will kick your butt?

  3. (as George Takei) Ah-ha, ah-ha-ha, ah-ha-ha-ha.
    That's priceless...

  4. *makes inquisitive monkey face*


    pssst...wait til he is projectiling out of both ends.