Tuesday, June 1, 2010

That Last Nerve...

A has found my last nerve (mom's too) and is using the thing like a friggen trampoline today. Right now, actually. I had to escape the waterfall of snot and tears to vent somewhere. 

For the last two weeks A has decided that his room and his toys are no longer Good Enough. He shops for new toys during commercials and badgers us for them. Its a non-stop series of, "Oh, I want that toy. Can Grandma go buy me that one? Is that what I'm getting for my birthday. What about Christmas???" Never mind the fact that we've explained money is too tight to buy new toys at this moment. 

The kid is not without toys. We drained our accounts to get him a little hand-held gaming system last year. He has about 10 different games for it too. He won't play with it. There are bins overflowing with action figures, blocks, cars, and books. He won't play with them. Hell, he won't even touch them unless I allow him to bring them into the living room. That plan only lasts a second before he DEMANDS to use my mother's laptop to play games there. 

A's room is no longer the fun play space mom and I broke our backs creating. Oh no. He flat out refuses to go in there unless its to go to sleep at night. I know the reason for this one... My ex grounded him to his room so many times that it ruined the space for him. 

He wants to escape.

I get it, I really do. But my sanity and that one last little nerve isn't going to hang in for long. These Epic Fits are more stressing on my mother and I than A. He doesn't get it though. He thinks now that the Big Bad Man (my ex) is gone that he can run the asylum. 

I'm going to go yank all of my hair out now...

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