Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Election Day Logic

In California we had a primary election today. Mom worked until 6 and it was simply too hot out for A and I to walk to the polling center by ourselves. So we waited. 

A was confused right off the bat. Usually when Grandma comes home we let her change into more comfortable clothes then eat dinner. Tonight as soon as she was home I dashed into the room to get dressed. (The KISS boxers & black tank top were not going to cut it.)

We piled into the car and drove over to go vote. A got antsy inside, but we were lucky to be there by ourselves. Can't be embarrassed if there's no one to see him, right!? 

Finally he started to whine. I looked at Mom, who was frazzled enough just trying to fit the ballot and her gigantic purse into the little cubical-thingie. Then I reminded A that we were going to get dinner after. "Can I have a hamburger?" Sure kiddo... just stand still long enough for us to make sure these stupid fricken bubbles are filled in the RIGHT way. (can we please update the voting system now? I spent more time coloring bubbles than actually debating the merits of each candidate.)

Fast forward about ten minutes. We're back in the car driving to Carl's Jr. A is in his booster seat screaming, "Weeee! We're going super speed!" He paused and catches my eye in the rear-view mirror. "Why are we going super speed, Nee?"

"Cause Grandma has a lead foot, kiddo." Mom glared. I'm certain by the time A and I are done tormenting her her face will be stuck like that. (Love you, Mom.)

A few minutes pass and he's quiet. Suddenly... "Why aren't we going super speed any more?"

"There's cars in front of us, baby." Mom and I usually reply to him in unison using almost the same exact words. We've become a horrible two-headed mommy-beast.

"Oh... 'Cause we don't wanna go super speed and crash those other cars, huh? Then the policeman would come and take Grandma to jail and I'd miss her."

You gotta admit, the kid has the notion of the law down already. Are we raising a future lawyer? (Swear to Bob my bank account just whimpered at the idea of putting him through law school.)

We managed to get dinner without any more unbearably cute things happening from the back seat. It was a good thing considering I had to write what he said on the sample ballot. There wasn't a whole lot or room to spare....

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